A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

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Tactical espionage in a bioelectronical future.

CACTUS shows up as "Spacewar" if you run it while Steam is running. This is a feature™.  You can host a networked game and then send your friend an invite through Steam to join.

If you download the game through your browser and it doesn't work with Steam, you may need to add the game as a "non-steam game" to your Steam library to get the overlay and multiplayer to work.

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Controls: Keyboard & Mouse

WASD - Move

Shift - Sprint

E - Use

Right click - Aim

Left click - Shoot

Ctrl - Crouch

Double Tap Ctrl - Roll

Space - Jump/Mantle

Q - Open ability menu (buggy)

Middle Mouse Button  - Switch camera shoulders while aiming

Controls: Xbox Controller (WARNING only partial controller support)

Left Stick - Move

Left Bumper - Sprint

Right Bumper-  Open ability menu (buggy)

A - Jump/Mantle

B - Crouch

Double Tap B - Roll

X- Use

Left Trigger - Aim

Right Trigger - Shoot

Left Stick Down- Toggle Sprinting

Right Stick Down -  Switch camera shoulders while aiming

Minimum Recommended System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 10

Intel Core i5-4690

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560 ti

8 GB DDR3 Memory

1 GB Hard Drive Space


Linux/Steam Deck Beta 613 MB
Version 3 7 days ago
Windows Beta 674 MB
Version 85 7 days ago

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