A downloadable Scary Spooktacular for Windows

Halloween parties are back!
And what better place to host a party than at the local graveyard? An uninvited guest has arrived, and now the party goers are in grave trouble! Luckily the souls of the dead are here to help, in the only way they know how! 
With a ghost as your host, and a killer on the loose  - who will win this spooky thriller? 

Graveyard Massacre is a multiplayer Slasher VS Ghost game. As the Slasher you must use your cleaver to kill as many victims as possible, and as the Ghost you must scare the victims away from the Slasher with your spooky "Boo!".

The game shows up as "Spacewar" if you run it while Steam is running. This is a feature™.  You can host  a game and then send your friends an invite through Steam to join.


Windows Beta 272 MB
Version 23 Nov 04, 2021

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